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23 Course Videos + 2 Bonus Videos with Industry Authorities. + Over 50 Pages of Worksheets to Map your Success. + Get exclusive content only for Founding Members, $950+ worth of value

Does this sound like you?

  • ...Motivated to succeed in business and career but worried that you’ll miss the opportunity for a fulfilling life?

  • ...Feel stuck and surrounded by people who are unwilling to help you succeed?

  • ...Struggling to find your confidence, crystallize your voice or tell your story?

  • ...Returning to work and worried about how being driven to succeed will impact those around you?

  • ...Searching for mentorship or proven advice on how to profit from your passion?

  • ...Feel like you’re juggling instead of intentionally strategizing for success?

This is YOUR course and community. Here's what you'll gain... + More!

  • How to leverage your strengths

  • A framework to streamline your process

  • Learn where to focus your energy

  • How to leverage your strengths

  • Growth plan that's specific, targeted, and measurable

  • Develop your confidence and skill that attracts profound and profitable life changing opportunities...

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to The Path Redefined Course
    • About The Path Redefined Course
    • Course Promo (Audio)
  • 2
    Introduction to the course
    • A message from your instructor
    • Welcome to The Path Redefined Course (Audio)
  • 3
    Getting Started
    • Get Started Now
    • Getting Started
    • Getting Started (Audio)
  • 4
    Attract Opportunities Module
    • Attract Opportunities Map
    • Welcome Video
    • Attract Opportunities Welcome (Audio)
    • This Entrepreneurial Life
    • Entrepreneurial Life (Audio)
    • Build a Life That's Serendipitous by Design
    • Build A Life That's Serendipitous By Design (Audio)
    • Make No Small Plans
    • Make No Small Plans (Audio)
    • Take Contol of Your Own Voice (Audio)
  • 5
    Invest in Relationships Module
    • Invest in Relationships Map
    • Welcome Video
    • Invest in Relationships Welcome (Audio)
    • Reinvent Yourself
    • Reinvent Yourself (TA)
    • There’s No Such Thing as Work-Life Balance
    • No Such Thing As Work Life Balance (TA)
    • Claim It and Shine
    • Claim It And Shine (Audio)
    • Exceed Expectations
    • Exceed Expectations (Audio)
  • 6
    Seize Opportunities Module
    • Seize Opportunities Map
    • Be Deliberate
    • Be Deliberate (Audio)
    • Always Push Forward
    • Always Push Forward (Audio)
    • Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate
    • Don't Be Afraid To Negotiate (Audio)
    • Rebound Gracefully
    • Rebound Gracefully (TA)
  • 7
    Succeed On Your Own Terms Module
    • Succeed On Your Own Terms Map
    • Succeed on Your Own Terms Welcome Video
    • Succeed on Your Own Terms Welcome (Audio)
    • Live Life on Your Own Terms
    • Live Life On Your Own Terms (Audio)
    • Embrace Failure
    • Embrace Failure (Audio)
    • Make it Look Easy
    • Make It Look Easy (Audio)
    • Optimize for Satisfaction
    • Optimize for Satisfaction (Audio)
  • 8
    Bonus Chapters
    • I'm Proud of YOU
    • Bonus Proud of You (Audio)
    • Bonus - Elan Nieves, Esq. (Audio)
    • Bonus Elan Intro (Audio)